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30-31 May 2015 - Nafplio - a city to swim, to cycle, to run! to live !


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Terms and Conditions

The Municipality of Nafplion and the company '' diaplous ssda '' organize and launch, with the co-organization of the company '' CAREFULL '' and the athlete's club '' Nereida '', a Triathlon match for adults and children, on the 30th and 31st of May 2015, which will take place in the old historic town of Nafplion.


Each participant at the Sprint Distance Triathlon should:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • have completed the registration in the special form of this site, which means that besides the registration of the necessary information, one has submitted the signed by him, affirmation, has submitted the signed Medical certificate by the Doctor and has submitted the deposit proof to the bank account of the organization
  • wear bike helmet for the riding part of the race and hold the number of his participation in an obvious spot
  • Have read and fully accept all the regulations of the event 


Entry fee
Individual: 30€
Relay: 40€
Children's race: free entry
Maximum number of participants: 300 (250 individual participations & 50 relay teams)

Starting date of signing in: 12/3/2015

Participation Closing Date: 23/5/2015 (deposit of money without the registration in the special form, does not bind the participation or restrict the organization).

Late enrollment: 23/5/2015 to 29/5/2015 (These statements will be accepted, only if there has been a proper registration of their application and papers of evidence in the special form of the site, however, there will be an additional cost of € 10. Participants who will enroll late, will not have their name pre-printed at their number).

Last Minute Registration: 30 & 31.5.2015 (These statements will be submitted to the secretariat of the race, with the simultaneous delivery of all necessary documents. For last minute applications there will be an extra charge of € 15, and the money will be paid at the race's secretariat, which will issue the relevant document and give it, to the athlete or the group. Last minute participants, will not have their name pre-printed at their number. On Sunday 31/5/2015, after 08:00, no more new participations will be accepted.

Athletes not showing up in the race are not entitled to a refund of the money they have paid.

Each athlete's participation requires the completion of the online registration form, at

The registration fee can be paid by bank transfer: Bank: ALPHA BANK
Beneficiary: DIAPLOUS SSDA
IBAN: GR64 0140 3590 3590 0232 0004 630

Any money deposit without being accompanied by the registration form, is not valid and will not bind participation!

Participation cost


€  30


Backpack, Technical 
 (Arena), Energy
(SIS)Isotonic Drink 
(OSHEE), Water (DIOS),
Triathlon Zone, Electronic 
Timer, Participation 


€  40


Backpack, Tecnical 
(Saucony), Swimming
 (Arena), Energy 
(SIS)Isotonic Drink
(OSHEE), Water (DIOS),
Triathlon Zone,Electronic 
Timer, Participation 


€  0


Category A & B  
for children's participation

(Children's Match 4th to 6th 
grade of Elementary School 
& Children's Match 1st to 3rd grade 
of Junior High School) 

has no cost.



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Contact Names:
Mr. Mitropapas Anastasis
Mr. Marlagkoutsos George


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